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General meeting Minutes 1 June 2019.pdfMichael Geagan174.08KbJun 5th, 2019
Clambake Invitation 2019 NAS.pdfMichael Geagan259.85KbApr 28th, 2019
Untitled-1.jpgMichael Geagan148.9KbMay 25th, 2018
Website list of Interested participants, 1-1-18.pdfMichael Geagan83.01KbJan 3rd, 2018
Website list of Interested participants, 12-3-17.pdfMichael Geagan82.25KbDec 5th, 2017
Christmas Gala Attendees as of 11-22-17.pdfMichael Geagan330.53KbNov 27th, 2017
Website list of Interested participants, 10-14-17.pdfMichael Geagan79.39KbOct 16th, 2017
Exchange application.docxMichael Geagan84.3KbSep 20th, 2017
Website list of Interested participants, 9-10-17.pdfMichael Geagan75.64KbSep 10th, 2017
Website list of Interested participants, 9-8-17.pdfDavid Tunick75.39KbSep 8th, 2017
Website list of Interested participants, 9-8-17.pdfDavid Tunick75.39KbSep 8th, 2017
Website list of Interested participants, 9-7-17.pdfMichael Geagan74.2KbSep 7th, 2017
Website list of Interested participants, 9-6-17.pdfMichael Geagan74.12KbSep 6th, 2017
IMG_2123 news article.JPGMichael Geagan159.39KbSep 5th, 2017
Website list of Interested participants, 9-4-17.pdfDavid Tunick73.02KbSep 4th, 2017
Bulletin 5, 8-25-17.pdfDavid Tunick184.16KbSep 4th, 2017
Website list of Interested participants, 9-4-17.pdfDavid Tunick72.89KbSep 4th, 2017
Website list of Interested participants, 8-30-17.pdfDavid Tunick72.89KbSep 4th, 2017
List of Interested Participants, 2017-05-21.pdfMichael Geagan65.83KbMay 21st, 2017
List of Interested Participants, 2017-04-30.pdfMichael Geagan64.65KbMay 9th, 2017
Post Captain's Letter 2017-04.pdfMichael Geagan687.13KbApr 22nd, 2017
List of Interested Participants 2017-04-07.pdfMichael Geagan61.33KbApr 8th, 2017
List of Interested Participants 2017-03-30.pdfMichael Geagan60.26KbMar 30th, 2017
Bulletin 4, 3-25-17.pdfMichael Geagan188.98KbMar 25th, 2017
Bulletin 3, 3-9-17.pdfMichael Geagan171.89KbMar 12th, 2017
Bulletin 2A.pdfMichael Geagan277.91KbMar 12th, 2017
Bulletin 2.pdfMichael Geagan368.56KbFeb 6th, 2017
Dave Brown, Lars Colliander, Ernie Godshalk, Nick Orem crop.jpgMichael Geagan370.48KbDec 6th, 2016
Lucia singers exiting Model Room crop.jpgMichael Geagan399.45KbDec 6th, 2016
NAS_collection_2017 copy.jpgMichael Geagan529.53KbDec 2nd, 2016
Chart 2016-12-01.1.jpgMichael Geagan270.96KbDec 1st, 2016
Chart 2016-12-01.jpgMichael Geagan271.44KbDec 1st, 2016
NAS_GKSS_logo_2 0 2016-11-03.jpgMichael Geagan182.05KbNov 30th, 2016
CSJD Santuary.webarchiveJennifer Bowden1.7MbNov 16th, 2016
CSJD Guests.webarchiveJennifer Bowden1.7MbNov 16th, 2016
CSJD Choir Wide.webarchiveJennifer Bowden1.7MbNov 16th, 2016
CSJD Choir.webarchiveJennifer Bowden1.7MbNov 16th, 2016
CSJD Santuary.webarchiveJennifer Bowden1.7MbNov 16th, 2016
Chart 2016-10-23.jpgMichael Geagan638.57KbOct 23rd, 2016
Chart 2016-10-23.pdfMichael Geagan709.67KbOct 23rd, 2016
Chart 2016-10-23.pdfMichael Geagan709.67KbOct 23rd, 2016
Swedish West Coast Cruise SH-DT 10-17-16.pdfMichael Geagan14.5KbOct 23rd, 2016
Gillian Winn in Exchange to KSSS.jpgErnest Godshalk117.43KbOct 3rd, 2016
Gillian Winn in Exchange to KSSS.jpgErnest Godshalk117.43KbOct 3rd, 2016
Eskader 2017 Båtar och priser (uppdaterad version).pdfMichael Geagan170.51KbJul 12th, 2016
Post Captain's Letter 2016-03.pdfMichael Geagan471.39KbMar 26th, 2016
Membership Committee Rules as Approved 2015-12-04.pdfMichael Geagan52.49KbMar 26th, 2016
Constitution & By-Laws as Approved 2015-12-04.pdfMichael Geagan239.18KbMar 26th, 2016
Atlantic Round Winners 2015 small.jpgMichael Geagan292.78KbMar 14th, 2016
KDY Team with Post Capt Godshalk.jpgErnest Godshalk2.82MbDec 14th, 2015
Ernie's signature small.pngMichael Geagan24.43KbDec 10th, 2015
Logo with text for letterhead.jpgMichael Geagan80.23KbDec 10th, 2015
Governors’ Meeting 2015-12-04.pdfMichael Geagan66.81KbDec 10th, 2015
Post Captain's Letter re TAR & 5C 2015-12-09.pdfMichael Geagan138.13KbDec 10th, 2015
NAS 2017 Cruise - Bulletin 1.pdfMichael Geagan926.8KbDec 6th, 2015
NAS 2017 Cruise - Bulletin 1.pdfMichael Geagan926.8KbDec 6th, 2015
Logo Light Background Blue Text Reversed Small.jpgMichael Geagan121.84KbDec 3rd, 2015
Chart 2015-11-30.jpgMichael Geagan2.05MbDec 3rd, 2015
TAR racing team Registlation form 7:15 (1).xlsxHiroshi Nakajima45.52KbJul 15th, 2015
TAR Registlation NON Racers.xlsxHiroshi Nakajima48.51KbJul 15th, 2015
TAR racing team Registlation form .xlsxHiroshi Nakajima45.51KbJul 15th, 2015
TAR Registlation JULY.xlsxHiroshi Nakajima41.37KbJul 2nd, 2015
syc.pngHiroshi Nakajima260.67KbJul 1st, 2015
ann taylor.pngHiroshi Nakajima103.86KbJul 1st, 2015
TAR Registlation.xlsxHiroshi Nakajima41.35KbJun 13th, 2015
denmark race 2.pngHiroshi Nakajima219.98KbJun 13th, 2015
Denmark race1.pngHiroshi Nakajima797.44KbJun 13th, 2015
vineyard race2.pngHiroshi Nakajima459.87KbJun 13th, 2015
vineyard race1.pngHiroshi Nakajima266.14KbJun 13th, 2015
redhook shop3.pngHiroshi Nakajima526.16KbJun 13th, 2015
redhook shop2.pngHiroshi Nakajima394.13KbJun 13th, 2015
Redhook shop1.pngHiroshi Nakajima615.25KbJun 13th, 2015
Chocolates!!.pngHiroshi Nakajima614.21KbJun 13th, 2015
chocolate soap.pngHiroshi Nakajima469.15KbJun 13th, 2015
David tunick.pngHiroshi Nakajima88.5KbJun 13th, 2015
met painting.pngHiroshi Nakajima248.51KbJun 13th, 2015
metropolitan museum.pngHiroshi Nakajima92.26KbJun 13th, 2015
soho shopping.pngHiroshi Nakajima831.15KbJun 13th, 2015
j241.pngHiroshi Nakajima106.18KbJun 13th, 2015
MPD jeffrey NY.pngHiroshi Nakajima81.17KbJun 13th, 2015
meatpacking district store- soapology.pngHiroshi Nakajima981.91KbJun 13th, 2015
high line.pngHiroshi Nakajima68.26KbJun 13th, 2015
whiskey.pngHiroshi Nakajima113.39KbJun 13th, 2015
rum.pngHiroshi Nakajima77.18KbJun 13th, 2015
nyyc inside.pngHiroshi Nakajima394.98KbJun 13th, 2015
clambake.pngHiroshi Nakajima655.89KbJun 13th, 2015
clambake.pdfHiroshi Nakajima318.23KbJun 13th, 2015
viper race1.pngHiroshi Nakajima106.47KbJun 13th, 2015
work in progress.pngHiroshi Nakajima81.78KbJun 13th, 2015
david tunick's house.pngHiroshi Nakajima93.01KbJun 12th, 2015
cacaopietro factory small.pdfHiroshi Nakajima131.53KbJun 12th, 2015
cacaopietro factory small.pdfHiroshi Nakajima131.53KbJun 12th, 2015
cacao pietro factory1.pngHiroshi Nakajima1.21MbJun 12th, 2015
cacao pietro chocolate.pngHiroshi Nakajima126.35KbJun 12th, 2015
nyyc inside.pngHiroshi Nakajima394.98KbJun 12th, 2015
viper race 2.pngHiroshi Nakajima64.11KbJun 12th, 2015
2015-06-13 1.31.57 ).pngHiroshi Nakajima511.69KbJun 12th, 2015
2015-06-01 11.06.08 ).pngHiroshi Nakajima434.18KbJun 12th, 2015
NAS Membership proposal doc form 2014.pdfMichael Geagan124.81KbJun 11th, 2015
Post Captains Letter 2015-05-07.pdfMichael Geagan123.09KbJun 2nd, 2015
Post Captain's Letter 2015-01.pdfMichael Geagan121.2KbJan 18th, 2015
Post Captain's Letter 2015-01.pdfMichael Geagan105.99KbJan 18th, 2015
Annual Meeting 2014 Minutes with attachments Draft.pdfMichael Geagan616.04KbJan 10th, 2015
TAR-2015-1:9REV.pdfHiroshi Nakajima936.13KbJan 9th, 2015
nominating committee report 2014.pdfMichael Geagan99.84KbNov 17th, 2014
Proposed Amendment, signed by Brown, Orem and Tunick.pdfMichael Geagan554.95KbNov 17th, 2014
IMG_1643-mirror.jpgMichael Geagan759.49KbOct 30th, 2014
IMG_1643.jpgMichael Geagan759.52KbOct 30th, 2014
NAS PC ltr Sept2014 with Addendum.pdfMichael Geagan244.6KbOct 30th, 2014
NAS Spring Meeting 2013 Minutes.pdfMichael Geagan118.11KbOct 29th, 2014
NAS Spring Meeting 2014 final.pdfMichael Geagan512.05KbOct 27th, 2014
2014 Denmark cruise article.pdfMichael Geagan64.71KbSep 24th, 2014
2014 Denmark Cruise Book 80 MB rev 2 Route.pdfMichael Geagan1.64MbSep 23rd, 2014
25_Wikinger_Innenaufnahme_sm.jpgMichael Geagan403.82KbSep 12th, 2014
24_Roskilde-6_MGB-Berlin_sm.jpgMichael Geagan353.14KbSep 12th, 2014
IMG_6310 crop.jpegMichael Geagan414.95KbSep 11th, 2014
2014 Denmark Cruise Book 19 MB rev 2.pdfMichael Geagan18.34MbJul 5th, 2014
2014 Denmark Cruise Book 19 MB.pdfMichael Geagan18.34MbJul 2nd, 2014
2014 Denmark Cruise Book 80 MB.pdfMichael Geagan76.73MbJul 2nd, 2014
Communications.docMichael Geagan151KbJun 19th, 2014
CRUISE BULLETIN 6-14-14.pdfMichael Geagan137.64KbJun 15th, 2014
P6070240.jpgMichael Geagan222.42KbJun 9th, 2014
P6070223.jpgMichael Geagan362.78KbJun 9th, 2014
P6070235.jpgMichael Geagan235.2KbJun 9th, 2014
NAS clambake announcement 2014.pdfMichael Geagan47.67KbMay 7th, 2014
Minutes of 2013 Annual Meeting.pdfMichael Geagan573.23KbMar 19th, 2014
Addendum 2 to 2013 Fall Post Captains Letter.pdfMichael Geagan55KbNov 9th, 2013
Post Captain's letter Oct 2013 with Addendum 2.pdfMichael Geagan278.87KbNov 9th, 2013
Cruise memo 10-3-13.docMichael Geagan39.5KbOct 30th, 2013
Brig Loyal.jpgMichael Geagan68KbOct 29th, 2013
Post Captain's letter Oct 2013 with Addendum.pdfMichael Geagan270.9KbOct 29th, 2013
Addendum to Oct 2013 Post Captains Letter.pdfMichael Geagan47.04KbOct 29th, 2013
NAS Directory Roster 2013 All Sections.pdfMichael Geagan948.18KbOct 25th, 2013
Post Captain's letter Oct 2013.pdfMichael Geagan226.29KbOct 25th, 2013
Spring Meeting 2013 2.jpgMichael Geagan51.39KbSep 13th, 2013
Spring Meeting 2013 1.JPGMichael Geagan51.98KbSep 13th, 2013
clambake order form 2013.pdfMichael Geagan50.61KbSep 13th, 2013
NAS Membership proposal doc form 2012.pdfMichael Geagan124.91KbSep 13th, 2013
Post Captain Letter 2011.11.01.pdfMichael Geagan613.4KbSep 13th, 2013
Post Captain Letter 2012.05.02.pdfMichael Geagan90.28KbSep 13th, 2013
Post Captain Letter 2010.10.22.pdfMichael Geagan679.01KbSep 13th, 2013
Post Captain letter 5-01-11.pdfMichael Geagan735.65KbSep 13th, 2013
Annual Meeting Minutes 2011 incl attachments.pdfMichael Geagan1.14MbSep 13th, 2013
Annual Meeting, December 7, 2012 final CORRECTED.pdfMichael Geagan432.13KbSep 13th, 2013
Spring Meeting Minutes June 2, 2012.pdfMichael Geagan801.56KbSep 13th, 2013
Post Captain's Letter Spring 2013.pdfMichael Geagan419.7KbSep 13th, 2013
Post Captain Letter 2012.10.08.pdfMichael Geagan85.14KbSep 13th, 2013
Youth Program Banner.jpgMichael Geagan29.02KbSep 12th, 2013
2013 5 club write up.pdfMichael Geagan42.92KbSep 12th, 2013
5club_rapport.pdfMichael Geagan40.84KbSep 12th, 2013
Atlantic_Round_2013t.pdfMichael Geagan67.92KbSep 12th, 2013
TAR 2013 results.pdfMichael Geagan14.66KbSep 12th, 2013
Log of 2011 Finland Archipelago Cruise.pdfMichael Geagan79.87KbSep 12th, 2013
P9080330 copy.jpgMichael Geagan22.76KbSep 11th, 2013
Tunick iPhone photo2 crop small.jpgMichael Geagan93.7KbSep 10th, 2013
Tunick iPhone photo2 crop.jpegMichael Geagan305.5KbSep 10th, 2013
_E9K4477.jpgMichael Geagan769.19KbSep 2nd, 2013
_E9K4170.jpgMichael Geagan1.28MbSep 2nd, 2013
_E9K4377.jpgMichael Geagan775.24KbSep 2nd, 2013

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