Website FAQs

FAQs for Members

Is this our new website?

Yes. This new website will let us update our pages quickly and easily, allow members to post photos and cruise logs, and make it easier to maintain and use our e-mailing list.

What about privacy?

Like our existing site, GroupSpaces will keep our member list, contact information, and cruise logs in a password protected area.

How can I
 view all of the content?

Log in with your groupspaces ID (your email address) and password.

How do I register for a groupspaces ID?

1. Click on the Home tab.

2. Click on the green Join Group button on the right side of the page.

3. Enter your email address. If you have more than one email address, be sure to use the one that NAS uses to reach you. It should be listed in the To: line of an email from NAS.

4. Enter a password and your name to get started. You can enter the rest of the information now, or later on.

5. Click on Join Group. You will receive a confirmation email shortly. Click on the link in the confirmation email, and you're done!

How can I add or change my personal picture or avatar?

Once you have entered your password and arrived at the homepage, click on the groupspaces icon in the upper left. On the resulting page click on the image placeholder on the right, below the words "Your Account."

Can I change me username?

Your username must be a valid email address. If you would like to use a different email address as your username, use the Contact tab to reach the web administrator, who will help you make the change.

How can a add a picture of my boat and update my other personal information?

Go to the Home page and click on Edit Membership in the grey box on the right.

Some events show up when I'm not logged in, others don't... why?

Events can be designated as public or private. Everyone can see public events on the Events page, but only logged-in members can see the private events.

Who do I contact for help with the new website?

Use the Contact tab to reach the web administrator.

How do I upload my profile picture (AKA avatar)

Your avatar will appear next to your name at the upper right corner of the browser screen, and alongside forum posts. Only you can upload your avatar... here’s how:

Log in. Click on your name at the upper right corner of the browser window, and select My Groups from the drop-down menu. Below the words My account you should see a grey box with a head and shoulders outline. Click on that box and an Edit avatar popup should appear.

When you’re finished, use the back arrow to return to the NAS website.

FAQs for Managers

Who can access the Members-only areas of the site?

In addition to NAS members, members of affiliated Home clubs, cruise participants, Junior Exchange participants, and Atlantic Round participants will be allowed full access to this site. All NAS members have added to the list of Members of this group; others will need to request access by providing their email address at the sign-in screen.

How do I add a Member?

Only Managers can add Members. Click on Manage this group (at the upper left), then the Members tab. Click on the green + Add Members button, type the Member's email(s) in the box and click on Add members. Don't click on Invite Members, as this will require an extra approval step. The new member(s) will get a welcome email with a link to the sign-up page.

Can we add members who don't have email addresses?

Yes, we just give them a fake email address: Of course, they won't be able to log in to view the members-only content, as they need a real, working email address to do so. We would add a member like this if we wanted to track their attendance/payment for an event, or annual dues, etc.

How do I edit a page?

For most pages (e.g. Atlantic Round, Juniors, etc.), just click on Edit this page at the bottom. Click on Save at the bottom of the page when you are finished.

How do I post an announcement on the home page?

The home page is different from most other pages in that there is no edit button at the bottom. To post an announcement on the home page, go to the menu bar at the top of the page, click on the down arrow to the right of Manage this group and choose Website. Select Edit your homepage. Under the word Layout there is a box with the word announcements. Click on edit. Click on Save at the bottom of the page when you are finished. To get back to the NAS website, click on Your Group Website in the top menu bar.

The edit box is pretty small. Is there any way to see more of the page when I am editing it?

Click on the rightmost icon in the edit toolbar. It looks like a little blue computer screen, and says "Maximize the editor size" when you hover the cursor over it for a few seconds. You will no longer see the save button at the bottom of the screen, so you will need to click it again to toggle the editor back to its smaller size when you are ready to save the changes.

I pasted some text from another place and the font looks different... how can I fix it?

Select the text, then click on the font icon and choose Verdana, then the size icon and choose normal.

OK, I tried changing the font, but it's still not right... and the margins aren't behaving, either. What else can I do? 

Sometimes imported text comes with hidden HTML formatting tags. These tags were part of the original Word document, email, or web page. To get rid of them, cut the text out and paste it back in as plain text:

     1. Select the text that is misbehaving,
     2. cut it using control-X (PC) or apple-X (Mac)
     3. click on the Paste as plain text icon at the top left of the editor (it looks like a clipboard),
     4. paste the text into the box using control-V (PC) or apple-V (Mac),
     5. and click on OK.

Now the text will be back in place and should look like the rest of the page. This is also a good trick when you are bringing text in from a Word doc or email.

What's the News page?

Announcements that go way back in time. We prune back the announcements on the home page from time to time.

How can I make a linked file open in the browser rather than in its own application?

Append "?view" to the address (without the quotes). This will cause the file to open in the same tab. This works well with PDFs: using the ?view will make the PDF open in the same tab, rather than opening a new tab or a different viewer app (e.g., Adobe Reader or Preview).
Are files listed on the Files page viewable only by members?

In theory, yes, but if you put a link to a file on a public page it will be viewable by everyone--even though its permissions are supposedly "members only." Don't link to private files on a public page!

How can I insert a link in a Word document that points to a file on the NAS site?

Go to the Files page on the NAS site and find the file you want to link to. Right-click on the 'view' button below the filename and select 'Copy link.' Paste this url into the appropriate box on the 'Edit hyperlink' window in Word. Don't forget to add ?view to the address so it opens in its own window.

Word for Mac doesn't include hyperlinks when converting to PDF

This is a longstanding issue between MS, Apple, and Adobe. Workaround: open the Word file in Pages and create the PDF from there.

Uploading a file fails due to "File too large"

This is a known software issue with Groupspaces. The workaround is to upload the file as an email attachment: Go to Manage this Group and select Emails, then hit the green Compose button. Select Attach a file, then Choose File. Browse to the file that you want to upload, and hit Attach. The file should upload successfully. Now hit Delete to discard the draft email--your uploaded file is safe. Go back to the page you're working on. Now, when you go to attach a file, the file that you just uploaded will be at the top of the list.

How do I include images or pictures in an email?

If you paste an image into the email editor, it shows up. But if you then preview the email, it's gone. Here's how to insert images into emails: put the cursor where you want the image. In the menu bar at the top of the editing window, click on the Insert Picture icon (it's between the paper clip and globe icons). If your image has been uploaded before, select it in the browser. Otherwise, click on Choose File, navigate to your file and click Choose, then Upload. Your file should show up as the newest image on the upper left, with its radio button selected. Click on Insert, and after a moment, the image will show up in your email. Note that sometimes nothing will happen when you click the insert button. If so, click Cancel, then Insert Picture, then Insert. To change the size of the image, select and right-click it, and choose the size. To center-align your image, select it, then click on the Center Justify icon.


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